Training Material

These nine video segments are portions of a full day of training which took place as part of the PACCT+ project. Each video segment has been edited to focus on topic specific information, related to clinical trial research in general, and bone marrow failure research specifically.

Our speakers are educating the PACCT+ participants to be able to participate in protocol reviews, with the assumption that they already have basic knowledge of bone marrow failure, as all are themselves patients or caregivers.

  • Introduction Phil Page, PhD. Gives an overview of the importance of clinical trial research to clinical care received by patients, and shares his story as a participant in research at the NIH.
  • Patient’s Perspective in Research Phil Page, PhD discusses the nuances of patient engagement in clinical trials.
  • Types of Research Phil Page, PhD reviews the types of clinical research that is used to advance medical science.
  • Clinical Research Process An overview of the clinical research process from question generation to study completion.
  • Research Proposals and Bone Marrow Failure Research Phil Page, PhD and Leslie Pettiford, RN each discuss the parts of a research proposal, and topics relevant to bone marrow failure research.
  • Patient Centered Outcomes Phil Page, PhD and Leslie Pettiford, RN each discuss research outcomes that are of interest to patients, and considerations patients may have prior to or during clinical trials.
  • Bone Marrow Failure Overview and Therapies Leslie Pettiford, RN provides an overview of bone marrow failure, and current therapies of interest to the research community.
  • Drugs and Discovery Leslie Pettiford, RN discusses the process of discovering new pharmaceutical therapies and explains ‘Investigational New Drug’ (IND) status.
  • Translational Research Phil Page, PhD gives an explanation of translational research and how it relates to clinical trials.