Industry and Academic Researchers

With the creation of PACCT+, AAMDSIF seeks to provide academic and industry researchers alike with a user friendly tool for use in the development phase of clinical and health services research.

PACCT+ reviewers are patients and caregivers who have received extensive training in the processes of clinical trial research. Many PACCT+ members have participated in clinical trials themselves, have background in health care, or have accumulated a wealth of knowledge, simply through the patient experience.

Knowing the parameters under which researchers operate, and considerations that must be considered in development of a protocol, PACCT+ members are well positioned to offer valuable input early in the process. Input from PACCT+ can help through avoiding costly amendments and revisions to protocols, and delay with repeat submissions to an IRB or suspension of a trial due to low enrollment.

Please view this brief video to hear from one of our PACCT+ members, explain in his own words why in his experience, he thinks researchers can benefit from engaging with PACCT+.