How It Works

PACCT+ is a standing committee of patients who have received training in the basics of clinical and health services research. They understand how research is developed, and considerations that researchers take into account when creating protocols.

AAMDSIF staff facilitate the review process through receiving proposal materials (summaries, patient consents and other patient facing information) and sharing these with PACCT+ members. Using Proposal Central, patients are able to view materials, and provide feedback in a structured way.

AAMDSIF staff collects and curates the feedback for return to the research team. Follow-up questions that arise from the research team will be shared with the PACCT+ members for their response.

As we develop this program further, we are eager for comments from both patient and research perspectives as to how best to engage the resources of PACCT+. We are open to a broad range of patient support services to researchers such as: revisions of patient consent forms and other materials to plain language and strategies for recruitment and retention of specific patient populations. Please reach out with suggestions and comments.

Want more information?

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